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This is what customers say about FLOWLIFE products. The testimonials were collected over many years by our partners sanaqua and VortexPower.


VortexPower® Spring® und Source®

Thomas Leu, Head of Gastonomy at Sonova, Stäfa, Switzerland

Matthias Mend and I met 6 years ago at an SME event. A short time later I invited Matthias to visit us at Sonova to give him the opportunity to give a lecture on “Water”. After a successful lecture and a thorough test with our chefs and guests, we decided to install a VortexPower Spring at 35 taps at the Stäfa site. This gives every employee the opportunity to enjoy spring water at a short distance. We were thus able to part with 15 water stations for which we paid annual rent. Within less than a year we were able to amortize the 35 whirlpools and reduce the internal maintenance costs.

“SUSTAINABILITY – is our basic idea”

One of the Sonova principles is aimed at employees, because our founder already said – “Ohni Lüt gaht nütt”. We want to create a sustainable workplace, including regional, seasonal and healthy cuisine, modern workplaces and social services. We also have shower facilities for athletes, a sauna and a pool in the house, which, in addition to many other activities, are intended to contribute to a balance in everyday working life.

Good water is also part of a healthy lifestyle. We have such excellent water here in Switzerland that it would be a pity if we did not use it as an advantage. Since the switch to Spring, employees have become more aware of the fact that they drink less from plastic cups than from glass bottles or glasses. Last but not least, the Soulmate drinking carafes have also made their contribution.

The decision we made in 2012 to install the Spring in all Sonova houses was absolutely right. We would make that decision again.

I, Thomas Leu from Sonova, can recommend the VortexPower Spring out of conviction.

Jan Schumacher, founder and owner of saphiraz sports, Feldmeilen, Switzerland

When joining our training program, we perform a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) on each client. The fat, water and muscle percentages are evaluated and the metabolism is analysed. This also shows that 90% of our customers drink far too little water. Often only carbonated water is drunk.

If, on our recommendation, customers start drinking twice or three times as much water as before, some of them will get the feeling of a water belly every now and then, which can feel difficult.

Vortex water, in contrast to non-swirled water, feels much softer and lighter. It is easier to drink and does not lie so heavy in the stomach. The Spring from VortexPower refines tap water and makes it fresh again.

We only use glass bottles, because we don’t want plasticizers in the drinking water, which is loosened from the plastic of the bottles. Additionally we save money because we don’t have to buy PET water bottles.

We know how important and healthy water is for our body. That’s why we recommend it to our customers every day.

Saphiraz sports recommends Spring out of conviction.

Didier Rebetez – Drogerie zum Chrüterhüsli, Basel, Switzerland

What we can give as feedback is that our children are much less ill and much prefer to drink pure water than before. Before it always had to be “improved” with fruit juice or syrup. Meanwhile they just want water! My wife and I are great lovers of Japanese green tea, but it reacts very sensitively to the water quality (quickly turns brown and harsh with bad water). Since we got our Source/Spring, our green tea is impeccably light green and soft as made with spring water!

In the shop we could not install the Spring (in the laboratory) yet (our pipes to the upper floors are too old/have too little pressure). However, the Source is in operation and the Spring is also on the tap in the shop. The employees fill their bottles now always at this station! J

With best regards from the Chrüterhüsli and a good week.

Andreas Montemitro, Trainer, Wettswil, Switzerland

Since today I am the proud owner of a VortexPower water decalcifier, which is completely maintenance free and does not work on a salt basis. On the pictures you can see the cellar situation after the installation. The meticulous installation was carried out by Berger AG in Wettswil am Albis. And the best thing is: The result in the kitchen sink was easy to see. The water somehow bubbled differently than usual and after drying for hours, no traces of lime were visible.

Niels Werdenberg, Hydraulic Engineer, Bätterkinden, Switzerland

“My 6-year-old daughter usually doesn’t drink much water to eat, we talked about our new device and she found water really tasty and drank properly;-). As far as I’m concerned: First of all, I think this part is so beautiful that I would like to hang it in my living room! And secondly, I am simply amazed – and delighted! – that it is such a clear taste result. As you know, I have already tried some methods, among others the Vitavortex balance, as well as products from Weber Energiesysteme, I have also developed energizing techniques myself, etc… that all brings a noticeable improvement and freshness, and the combination of the mentioned techniques gave us our good daily drinking water up to now (these methods remain in series with the Source). But that Source has so easily managed to achieve such an increase on this level… Hats off, my dear! I think I have observed in myself that a new device is certainly accompanied by a new / increased perception and that the first comparisons are also for this reason the clearest and can also reduce the effect a little by accustoming or neglecting the mindfulness towards the water (-beleber). But I’m not worried about Source… what can go wrong after the good start Now I’m curious if / how my 2 year old son will react tomorrow and how it will affect our plants. Best regards and thanks also to your team”.

Michael Gehrig, Managing Director PKZ Burger-Kehl & Co. AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Herewith we would like to thank you for the great idea with the water whirler. Our customers as well as our staff are very enthusiastic about the good water quality. In addition, the product fits our philosophy and mission regarding lifestyle and quality.

Roger, Amanda & Ian Zäh, Aargau, Switzerland

Why was I interested in VortexPower: About a year ago, we bought a small, pretty house in Aargau. Because of the hard water, an ion exchanger is often used in our region. The previous owner had also installed one in our house. However, we were never happy about this, but due to a lack of alternatives we left the system inside. Producers of ion exchangers always say how bad hard water is for my house installation and appliances. You never mention my health, because it is an industrial product and actually not suitable for drinking water treatment. Our health is priceless, a dishwasher can be replaced quickly.

Satisfaction with Source & Spring: Our goal, which you describe wonderfully in the latest press release, namely to get away from ion exchangers and PET bottles, has been achieved. The water tastes wonderfully fresh, so fresh that we simply drink much more than before. I even take 1 litre of it to the office every day. A taste comparison with the outside tap water showed a difference in taste. The VortexWater feels much finer on the palate. So we are completely satisfied with the installation of our house system and are happy to have found a long-term solution. Of course we are also curious how the whole thing behaves over the years, nobody has this experience yet. Further much success wishes you,

Peter Ackermann, Attorney at Law at BILL ISENEGGER ACKERMANN AG, Zurich, Switzerland

It is my personal concern to inform you and your company about the resounding success of VortexPower Spring in our law firm and with our clients. Until now, our employees and clients have consumed an exclusive mineral water which, from the consumer’s point of view, corresponded to the high quality standard of our services. After the introduction of VortexPower Spring, our employees immediately recognized the improved quality of the water. Some employees even claim to have experienced a significant increase in energy and performance. All of them found the water fresher, as if they were drinking from a small mountain stream. The presentation of the water during our discussions with the clients in the exclusive glass vessels supports our image of high-quality and very personal advice. In addition, our clients immediately recognise their responsibility towards the environment, as the water is no longer served in PET bottles. The VortexPower Spring is a resounding success and a truly fresh pleasure.

Johannes Wagner, Schwäbische Kehrwoche, Reutlingen, Germany

Drag (let) water crates, pay beverage bills and always the question: What’s this all about? Wouldn’t the water from the tap be the right thing? Through Jochen Knobel I purchased a VortexPower Spring in 2013. Of course I was skeptical at first, after all there are enough promises in the world that are not kept. After a short time I noticed that my drinking behaviour had changed and that the water from the tap was excellent to drink. I can’t explain exactly what is different now, but I can say that this water tastes like water, without any aftertaste. There is no need to drag (let) crates of drinks now, just like the question: Is this the right water? Oh, and the bill is dropped, too. And that is considerable, so the VortexPower Spring has already amortized after half a year and now the saving continues. Super! I really appreciate Matthias C. Mend’s commitment to the subject of water and I am thankful that he takes care of it with such intensity, and I can really recommend the VortexPower Spring.

Erica Bänziger, graduate nutritionist, cookbook author, Ticino

As a nutritionist, I have known for many years the value of a good, living and swirling water. I am an enthusiastic Vortex user and my children have had less headaches since they drink the water, my animals prefer to drink from the pool with Vortex water and in the garden I also spray my plants with Vortex, which also has a positive effect on the growth of my plants, I experience it most impressively whenever I set cut flowers, they usually last twice as long as without Vortex water. If you show or explain this effect to your customers, the logical question is what does this living water do for us. After half a year of Vortex water I simply feel more vital, better and more concentrated and also the mood is better, I attribute this among other things to the water. So I can only recommend it and that’s why I became Vortex ambassador in Ticino. I can really recommend Vortex without reservation, it is simple, inexpensive in the long run and very efficient.

Gerhard Thell and family, Münchendorf/Austria

“We are thrilled because the water is fresher and more sparkling and also held against the light clearer than the “normal” water. And it also has a beautiful bluish sheen. These experiences have already made some acquaintances with us. Also my 75 year old mother noticed a difference immediately. We are happy to recommend your products out of personal conviction”.

Nicole Fritschi, Presenter / Producer at TELE TOP, Winterthur

“The water’s going down very well. We are all busy drinking (also makes sense at 25% humidity in the room). There are actually many of us who fill their water bottles again and again. That there is a difference with the water, all do not want to believe yet so correctly. But they would rather drink the water that comes from the spring than the normal water.”

Patrick Wyss, Head of Project Office of the Civil Engineering Office of the Canton of Zurich, Lucerne, Switzerland

“The water quality is fresh and the taste is simply good. The water flow is optimal and the difference to the normal connection is insignificant. The size of the whirlpool allows a good “handling” even with smaller sinks. The material is durable, you don’t have to treat the whirlpool like “porcelain” and it fits optically, both in shape and colour, as well as in size, wonderfully to every faucet.”

Martin Ryf, Managing Director Ryf Sanitär AG, Rüti, Switzerland

“A whirler that is perfect in form and quality. The water source for your home. Ideal for our customers, also for self-assembly. For us as installers, of course, the ideal companion to prove the effect to the customer without many words.”

Tom Fink, customer consultant and project manager at Cyberfactory AG, Dübendorf, Switzerland

“It’s fantastic how I can now get fresh mountain stream water in my home directly from the tap and drink it with the water whirler. The water towage to the 2nd floor without lift is no longer necessary. In addition, I am looking forward to the long-term healthy effects of fresh water consumption on myself and my family.”

Francois Cochard, General Manager of the various events marking the 750th anniversary of the City of Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland

“The VortexPower Spring is a brilliant invention. Very often the drinking water quality is much better than you think. The water quality of the city of Zurich is not far away from the quality of the famous Evian mineral water. It makes little sense to fill Evian water in PET bottles, drive to Zurich and thus waste energy and pollute the environment. The VortexPower Spring is also the dot on the “i”. It makes the water naturally fresh and gentle to drink. We now drink even more water. And because we don’t buy water in PET bottles, we save money and make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.”

Roman Müller, owner Swiss Premium Nutrix AG, Adliswil, Switzerland

“It never really made sense for me to carry PET bottles of water home. But I just didn’t like the water from the tap at home. Thanks to VortexPower®, this problem is now solved for me. On the one hand the Vortex water tastes much better to me and at the same time I am much more motivated to drink more water because the health benefits of the Vortex “spring water” convince me. In addition, as a manufacturer of a teanutrix instant green tea, I have noticed that my green tea – since I prepared it with VortexPower water – tastes much better and more intense. This is in line with VortexPower’s statement that the solubility of Vortex water is better than that of normal tap water. I can therefore recommend the VortexPower products best together with our Instant Green Tea. A well-being for the health and the environment!

Doris Frischknecht, cook, Feldmeilen, Switzerland

“The VortexPower Spring is a truly innovative product. It is impressive to be able to produce such a compact and efficient water whirler. And the Spring also looks beautiful. In short, the VortexPower Spring enriches our lives with healthy and natural water and my tap with beautiful, timeless design”.

Daniel Hertig, Energetics & Beauty Therapist, Würenlos, Switzerland

“As with all materials, water, our elixir of life, is not about what substances it contains, but about how they affect the human body. The turbulence of water helps to render germs harmless to the human body. In addition, I am convinced of the homeopathic effect that the turbulence and the resulting revitalization of the water neutralizes unwanted information such as hormones. The VortexPower Spring is an innovative product that makes water what it should be: a natural source of energy. “

René Sidler and Patrick Krismer, owners Sidmar AG, Mönchaltorf, Switzerland

“Our drinking water is very calcareous. Since we have been using the VortexPower Spring, however, it has become clear on crockery and kitchen utensils that the limescale residues have been reduced. Today we and our employees drink our fresh tap water only from our own stainless steel bottles and thus avoid a lot of PET waste”.

Ruth Johnson, cookbook author, Heaven Send Catering, Zurich, Switzerland

“Pure water is the most effective source of energy in the world. The turbulence of the water increases its flowability and solubility and makes it even more efficient. The VortexPower Spring additionally enriches the water with oxygen and thus supports the acid-base balance in the body. For me this is an ideal supplement for a healthy lifestyle.”

Jesper Olsen, Managing Director toweb, Zurich, Switzerland

“The meaning of water only really became clear to me when I got to know VortexPower Spring. In order to understand the function and effect of VortexPower Spring, I asked the company many questions and learned a lot from the answers. I would like to thank VortexPower, which not only produces this wonderful product, but together with FirmaMend is also very committed to educating people about water. Today I have a completely different relationship to water and I am very aware of how valuable it is for health and the environment. Today I use the VortexPower Spring for my employees both in my home and in my company”.

Casha, Casha Beauty & Lifestyle, Munich, Germany

“The best of the best: design meets consciousness. The VortexPower Spring water vortex looks cool and is the ultimate must-have! Fits on any faucet and is easy to install”.


Sanaqua® CONVERTER – Kalkschutzsystem

Karl Suck, Architect, Korbach, Germany

“I installed the sanaqua system without informing my tenants. After 2 days a tenant came and asked me if we had other water? I asked why: because the water now has a much better quality than before, you would notice it when showering and washing up. It would be much softer and the hair would feel better, so much softer than before. Also the fittings would show no more encrustations. She thanked for the “improvement of the water quality”.

Regina Schütte-Winkler, Bad Homburg, Germany

After Sanaqua had been installed, we immediately noticed a colossal reduction in lime residue in our 4-person household. This was clearly visible in the kettle – where now only the lime has to be wiped away as “icing sugar” – and of course on all taps and aerators at the taps. Sanaqua has improved our water quality sustainably and significantly. We can only recommend Sanaqua!

Schenk family, Affolderner See campsite, Germany

We took over the campsite at the beginning of 2016 and since then have been struggling with calcification of the shower heads and taps. Since the use of the sanaqua Masters both in the supply house and in our private house we are very satisfied with the result, there are no more incrustations and the lime can simply be wiped away. Even the lime stains on glasses and crockery have been a thing of the past ever since. We strongly recommend this appliance to others.

Dr. med. Behrmann, Switzerland

Since my childhood I have suffered extremely from a skin disease, a chronic atopic eczema. Atopic eczema, often called remote eczema or neurodermatitis, is one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases. The dermatological treatment of this eczema is based on the care of dry, sensitive, low-fat skin, which leads to disorders of the epidermal barrier, inflammation (redness), itching, scratching, eczema with superinfection. In addition to washing with water, the care and therapy includes avoiding drying out washing procedures, the use of suitable moisturising skin cleansers, ointments and other highly effective medicines, some of which have considerable side effects. Since I care my skin with water, which shows a significantly reduced calcification, redness, itching and scratching are clearly reduced. My quality of life has been considerably improved by the sanaqua Master lime converter. I can therefore highly recommend the device as a doctor and patient.

Ute Koch, Physiotherapist, Holzkirchen, Germany

After severe lime problems, we tested the sanaqua Master in our terraced house with skepticism. Already after a few days I noticed at the kettle, the Philipps coffee machine and at the sink that the lime didn’t stick anymore. In the aerators no lime has settled for months. Many thanks for the excellent product.

Klaus Schäfer, locksmith, Bad Homburg, Germany

At the beginning I was very skeptical whether this device would work, but then I decided to do the test. We have 2 wells in Bad Homburg from which we get our drinking water, unfortunately we caught it with 21-24 degrees of hardness. I didn’t tell my family about the installation because I wanted an objective result. Already after a few days my wife asked what was wrong with the water, the coffee suddenly tasted completely different and my daughter asked why your skin and hair suddenly felt different after showering. I notice myself that shower partitions, shower heads and fittings are easy to wipe off. I don’t want to miss the device anymore and after my initial scepticism I have to say that the thing works.

Karin Lehmann, Düsseldorf, Germany

at first I didn’t want to try the sanaqua lime converter, because I had already tried all common lime optimizers: they cost a lot and unfortunately didn’t bring the promised success. The 14-day trial period then prompted me to test the KW. Simple assembly, no power consumption… and no follow-up costs.

After 2 days I was so surprised that the water feels softer,

Hair washing is more pleasant, no limescale residue on the shower head and no limescale stains in the sink.

Further positive circumstances arose: less washing powder, the laundry feels fresher, the toilets are easier to maintain, no limescale residues.

After the dishwasher had finished its work, I had to always rework glasses and cutlery, since the lime converter is there, everything comes shining clean from the machine.

I am very enthusiastic and don’t want to do without the lime converter anymore. A big praise to sanaqua and thank you very much

Arie Schuite, Selestat, Straßbourg, Frankreich

Installation is very easy and fast.

The effect is visible after one or two days: the traces of limestone are clearly reduced and above all very easy to remove. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes.

Maik van Rooijen Director, van Rooijen Logistics, Turnhout, Belgium

Good afternoon

We have purchased a magnetic descaling system from you and it works very well.  We have in all this time that we already live in our new home has never had such soft water.  We also see this in our shower rooms and our toilets. This is really a best purchase in years.

Kind regards,

Norbert Schraps, Architect, Frankfurt, Germany

One week after installing the sanauqa, both the quality of the laundry and the towels are noticeably softer than before.

When showering, the water feels fresh and soft; skin and hair also feel velvety and soft after showering.

Jutta Jung, Florist, Frankfurt, Germany

I put sanaqua in my flower shop. After a short time I noticed that both the supply of the cut flowers has improved. The durability could be extended super thereby.

But also in the plant care the great water quality could be felt. In particular, all seasonal flowering plants have developed splendidly. I am very satisfied and don’t want to do without sanaqua anymore.

Ana Pereira, Kindergarten teacher, Deisenhofen, Germany

We can recommend the lime converter from sanaqua to others. The unit was delivered promptly and is very easy to assemble. The lime does not settle and can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth.  In the beginning we were very critical, but the product characteristics stated by the manufacturer can be confirmed after a short period of use.

Family Knubel, Zweisimmen, Switzerland

In spring 2017 we tested the sanaqua Master. After years of extreme limescale deposits on kitchen appliances, fittings, sinks, etc., we noticed after a few days that the limescale no longer settled.

The most impressive example is the kettle, which had to be decalcified every week. Since the Sanaqua lime converter has been installed, cleaning is no longer an issue.

Drinking water is also much better than fresh spring water.

In addition, our skin looks much rosier and feels soft.

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