Enrich water measurably with energy and oxygen. Improves the absorption of water in the body. Your water tastes lighter and is much more digestible. Revitalisation of the water following nature’s example.

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The patented drinking water whirler SPRING

(produced by VortexPower®)

Enriches water with oxygen.

Improves the absorption of water in the body.

The patented VortexPower® Spring® tap attachment is able to revitalise conventional tap water on the basis of vortex technology following nature’s example – the structure of the water is changed naturally (hexagonal) and enriched with energy and oxygen by whirling.

Spring turns normal tap water into vital, digestible, energy- and oxygen-rich drinking water – just like nature shows us in a powerful mountain stream.

The water tastes lighter, can be swallowed better and is absorbed better by the body. So you can easily drink the recommended daily amount of at least 2 liters of water per day without having a heavy stomach.

The water promotes the purification of the body and through significantly improved flow and solubility of the water, your cells can absorb nutrients in the water much better.

Whirled water has a measurably higher self-energy. This is noticeable, for example, by the fact that whirled water starts to boil much faster and that you need less cleaning agents for the same cleaning performance as before.

The positive changes of tap water by the VortexPower technology have been proven in a scientific research by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov.

The VortexPower Spring 2012 was awarded the coveted red dot design award for its combination of sustainability and design.

All VortexPower products are manufactured in the modern production plant near Zurich. All individual parts right through to the finished end product are subjected to over a dozen quality controls. Only the highest quality materials, such as special stainless steel, are used.

Info video

Take a look at our information video about VortexPower Spring to find out what makes our drinking water whirler so special.

Technical description

The VortexPower Spring is a biophysical product for drinking water refinement. The water is revitalised and supplied with additional oxygen through the natural regeneration of the water by means of vortex formation. The compact and elegant attachment, which can be screwed onto any tap, contains a highly efficient vortex chamber. It moves the water in a vortex at very high speed. Thus the water clusters (crystal-like compounds of many H2O molecules) formed in kilometre-long water pipes to our home are crushed. Due to the negative pressure created in the vortex, the water is additionally enriched with oxygen, which can flow in with the air through the 19 openings around the water outlet.



The water tastes softer and more digestible. This automatically makes you drink more. In addition, the minerals contained in the water are more easily absorbed by the body. This will automatically make you drink more. In addition, the minerals contained in the water are more easily absorbed by the organism.


You save costs because you never have to buy bottled water again. And you are also protecting the environment.


Recent research has shown that whirling and the resulting revitalisation of water neutralises undesirable information such as hormones and heavy metals.


Significantly lower and less visible deposits of lime on dishes and in pans in which water was boiled. Household appliances such as irons, which need to be filled with water, are also better protected from limescale.


Whirling water can help to render germs harmless to the human body.


The turbulence changes the structure of the water in a natural way (hexagonal). The water can be absorbed much better by our cells. All nutrients and minerals present in the body are better bound and transported. Due to the faster elimination of waste products, the body has more energy at its disposal – you directly feel a higher vitality and profit from increased performance.


Pure water is the most effective source of energy in the world – the whirling of water increases the flow and solubility of water and thus supports the body in all metabolic processes.

Product advantages

Easy to install

The patented water whirler can easily be screwed to any standard water tap using the Screw tool supplied.

Sometimes an adapter is needed. You can easily order it in our shop. With the help of our supplied size template you can easily find out which adapter you need.


The VortexPower® Spring® does not contain any moving parts, so it does not require regular maintenance.

Easy cleaning

To achieve optimum water quality, VortexPower® Spring® must be cleaned approx. every 4-8 weeks, depending on water hardness. For this you use the cleaning agent Vortex-Power Splendid, which was specially developed for the steel of the VortexPower® Spring®. The composition of the ingredients ensures rapid descaling, optimum cleaning and protection of the surfaces.


From the date of purchase of the VortexPower® Spring® you have 7 years warranty on perfect function. FLOWLIFE can provide any warranty services for the product either by free repair, equivalent replacement or by reimbursement of the purchase price. Further claims are excluded. The warranty does not cover special wear and tear due to improper handling or cleaning, the consequences of improper assembly or damage by the buyer or third parties, or defects attributable to external circumstances.

Technical data

  • Height: 38 mm, diameter: 31 mm, weight: approx. 90 g
  • Connection thread Spring: M22x1 mm inside
  • Connection thread with adapter: M24x1 mm outside
  • Material: nickel-free stainless steel with food approval
  • Operating pressure minimum: 2.5 bar, maximum: 6 bar
  • Maximum water temperature: 95° Celsius
  • Flow rate: approx. 3 – 7 liters per minute

Try for 21 days

Test the VortexPower® Spring® completely risk-free for 21 days at home. If you do not notice any difference or are not satisfied with the result, simply return it to us and we will refund the full purchase amount.

Screw included

To make it as easy as possible for you to install your Spring®, the practical multi-tool Screw is included in the scope of delivery.

Participation in the reforestation project carbon connect

As a little extra, when you buy any VortexPower Spring as part of a reforestation project with carbon connect, a tree is planted. In the product package you will receive a certificate for your tree. So you do not only act sustainably because you drink tap water, you also actively help to preserve our nature.

Connection adapter for Spring

Maybe the Spring doesn’t fit your faucet. That is why we offer you a wide range of adapters for all kinds of taps and connections.

How do you find the right adapter?
  1. Unscrew your previous aerator
  2. Take a ruler and measure the diameter of the output
  3. Determine if it is an external thread (AG / grooves external) or an internal thread (IG / grooves internal)
  4. Search the suitable adapter in our shop
  5. Should you still not know which adapter you need, just send an e-mail with the data (diameter / thread type) and a photo to service@flowlife.eu. We will find the right adapter for you.
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