Resets water to its natural state. Spring-fresh water throughout the house. Improves the taste and helps to render germs harmless. Invigorates and vitalizes your water and yourself.

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Only 1 left in stock


The Refiner – The SOURCE

(produced by VortexPower®)

The source in your own house. Returning water to its natural state.

Mountain fresh water also for applications in food production or agriculture.

The VortexPower® Source® delivers the best water quality around the clock – in every house or commercial building.

The Source® works without chemical additives and still has full performance even after many years. The system is maintenance-free. Only the seed crystals are worn down over time, so that they are renewed after about 7 – 10 years.

Through the combination of different working principles, the Source® has sufficient power reserves to protect all installations and connected household appliances, such as coffee machines, dishwashers or washing machines, from calcification and to regenerate the tap water to a noble, tasty and energy-giving food, following nature’s example.

VortexPower® products are manufactured in the modern production plant near Zurich. All individual parts right through to the finished end product are subjected to over a dozen quality controls. Only the highest quality materials are used, such as special stainless steels, POM or seed crystals.



The water tastes softer and more digestible. This automatically makes you drink more. In addition, the minerals contained in the water are more easily absorbed by the body. This will automatically make you drink more. In addition, the minerals contained in the water are more easily absorbed by the organism.


Your laundry needs less detergent and all household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee machine etc. are better protected against calcification. In addition, the expensive, tedious and polluting transport of bottled water is no longer necessary, because you have your source in your house.


Recent research has shown that whirling and the resulting revitalisation of water neutralises undesirable information such as hormones and heavy metals.


Significantly lower and less visible deposits of lime in the household. The harmful lime can no longer attack your equipment.


Whirling water can help to render germs harmless to the human body.


The turbulence changes the structure of the water in a natural way (hexagonal). The water can be absorbed much better by our cells. All nutrients and minerals present in the body are better bound and transported. Due to the faster elimination of waste products, the body has more energy at its disposal – you directly feel a higher vitality and benefit from increased performance.


Pure water is the most effective source of energy in the world – the whirling of water increases the flow and solubility of water and thus supports the body in all metabolic processes.

Working principle

The VortexPower® Source® home source system uses a patented system of five different principles to simulate the path of a kilometre-long mountain stream. This is achieved through the compact and concentrated physical implementation of all processes and elements that interact in a natural stream course. The water is magnetized, whirled and naturally structured with the help of precious stones and enriched with natural frequencies.

The following working principles are combined with each other:

1. Seed crystals

for lime flocculation

2. Magnetization

Lime structures in the water are aligned

3. Whirl technology

Lime and water molecules are finely structured and reset to their “natural” original state.

4. Gemstones

Thanks to 10 different gemstones, the water receives a selection of natural frequency information that harmonizes our body.

5. Geometric harmonisation

All VortexPower products are strictly designed according to the sacred geometry / golden ratio

Thus the water is renatured in the truest sense of the word.

Technical data

  • Diameter: 162 / 127 / 100 mm
  • Length: 367 / 343 mm (pure housing length)
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg
  • Water pressure: nominal pressure: 6 bar, maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Flow rate: max. 70l/min – max. 1‘000l/day
  • Material outside: POM – Polyoxymethylene Copolymer
  • Material inside: stainless steel “V4A
  • Connection thread: 1 ¼” (adaptable to 1″ / 1 ½”)
  • Area of application: 1-2 family house up to 8 persons


The installation is carried out by a sanitary installer instructed to install the VortexPower® Source®. Attention: In case of improper installation, all warranty claims are void.

Note on capacity

The VortexPower® Source® is designed for one- to two-family houses (up to 8 persons) with normal water pressure. With lower water pressure, the effectiveness of the home source system decreases. For larger objects or industrial applications, several sources can be connected in parallel under certain conditions. In these cases the FLOWLIFE Service arranges a contact person of the manufacturer for a detailed planning.


From the date of purchase of the VortexPower® Source® you have 7 years warranty on perfect function. FLOWLIFE can provide any warranty services for the product either by free repair, equivalent replacement or by reimbursement of the purchase price. Further claims are excluded. The warranty does not cover special wear and tear caused by improper handling or cleaning, the consequences of improper assembly or damage by the buyer or third parties, or defects caused by external circumstances (e.g. current-carrying cables closer than 30cm).


The VortexPower Source® works without wearing parts or chemical additives, so it does not need to be cleaned or specially maintained. Depending on consumption, it is recommended to replace the gemstones after 7 – 10 years (abrasion).

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