Dissolves and converts lime. The water becomes soft and healthy. Mineralization is retained. Lime adhesion is dissolved. Lime stains and incrustations can be easily removed.

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The Power Magnet – The CONVERTER

(produced by Sanaqua®)

From the pioneer of magnetic lime conversion.

Converts limestone structures with the power of nature.

The lime dissolved in the water (chemically calcium bicarbonate) settles in water pipes, especially in the hot water pipe. The resulting lime incrustations cause long-term damage to your water pipes and household appliances. The limescale deposits in cooking pots, kettles and fittings as well as on sanitary installations (washbasins, tubs, showers, etc.) become particularly quickly visible. The lime makes household cleaning difficult. The use of plaster and detergents costs a lot of money and pollutes our nature. In addition, maintenance and repairs to boilers and water mains as well as household appliances cause considerable costs.

The magnetic fields generated by permanently acting high-performance magnets positioned in a special arrangement change the crystalline structures of the lime. As a result, the lime loses its adhesive property and is washed out with the water. After the water has evaporated, lime dust is formed which is easy to wipe off. At the same time, the carbonic acid released by the structural change leads to the slow degradation of the lime and rust layers already deposited in the domestic water cycle. In addition, the surface tension of the water is reduced.

Magnetic lime converters are the economically and ecologically optimal alternative to classic decalcification by reverse osmosis systems or ion exchangers. They are maintenance-free and require neither electricity nor the addition of chemical substances such as regenerating salt.

In the Swiss production facility of Sanaqua®, every magnet is manufactured from the highest quality material. Sanaqua has been producing magnetic lime conversion systems for over 30 years and is the pioneer in this field. Thousands of systems are already successfully in use worldwide. The quality and effectiveness of each individual system is checked in a complex test procedure. Each article receives an individual test and serial number.

We offer these extra-strong magnet systems in various sizes and gauges, suitable for all pipe diameters.

Advantages of physical lime conversion


  • No additional energy or electricity required
  • No regenerating salt – no sodium enrichment in the water
  • Change of residence? Your magnet moves with you
  • 1mm lime in the boiler requires up to 20% more energy for the same heat output
  • Fittings, bathrooms, washbasins and sinks are easy to clean
  • Water pipes are freed of lime in the medium term by the magnetized water.


  • No accumulation of chemicals and salts in drinking water
  • Very long lifespan (> 30 years)
  • Due to a significantly higher solubility of the water, reduced use of cleaning agents for cleaning and washing (- 30%)
  • 100% recycled cardboard
  • 100% recyclable after use


  • Vital calcium and magnesium are preserved
  • Vitalized living water
  • Dermatologically positive effect
  • Feel and taste of “soft water”
  • The water is more digestible, you can drink water without it being heavy in your stomach.
  • Natural water also has a positive effect on animals and plants.

Info video

Watch our Infovideo and learn how our magnetic lime converters remove lime from the water in a natural way.


It’s that simple:

  1. Simply place the magnet system on the water pipe (Caution: the device is strongly attracted by iron and steel pipes – danger of jamming!). The system can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Depending on the pipe thickness, the two sliding holders are inserted with the thread inwards or outwards into the device slot. It is sufficient to hand-tighten the screws (without tools).
  • No tool
  • No cutting of the water pipe
  • No additional energy supply


In principle, the high-performance magnet systems are completely maintenance-free. If no water filter is connected upstream, ferrous particles can be flushed in from the public water network, which could possibly touch the inside of the pipe. In this case, we recommend that you remove the device from the line once a year for 24 hours. So these particles are washed away again.

20 years warranty

Sanaqua® guarantees that every sanaqua® MASTER and MINI anti-limescale device is free of material and manufacturing damage. Only high-quality stainless steel is used for the manufacture of the sanaqua® lime converter housings. The effect of the high-performance magnets is concentrated on the pipe shaft and shielded as far as possible from the outside in order to avoid stray radiation of the magnetic fields outside the effective range. We give a guarantee of 20 years* on the service life of the housing and the effectiveness of the magnets.

* The guarantee is not valid in the case of manual damage (e.g. caused by a fall) or consequential damage to electronic storage media or other devices sensitive to deficient fields due to direct contact with the limescale protection devices.



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