Naturally regenerated water.

No plastic, no chemicals, no electricity.

Our goal – everyone should get vital and fine water directly from his or her tap at home.

Nobody has to carry bottles and buy overpriced water.

In many parts of the world, relatively clean drinking water is available from the tap. In many parts of Europe, tap water is the best controlled food. But the water loses oxygen and structure through many kilometres of pressure pipe on its way into our house and changes its taste. The natural vitality of the water is lost.

That is why we at FLOWLIFE have been looking for the best systems with which we can revitalise this tap water – no matter in which city or house.

The market is full of systems and products with different approaches in all price ranges. Together with the renowned Swiss water expert Matthias Mend, we checked all technological, physical and energetic backgrounds and compared the respective systems.

We share with you our selection of the proven best systems for filtration, lime conversion, turbulence and refinement. All products are patented in-house developments from Switzerland or Germany and have already proven themselves a thousand times over. All systems contain no plastic and use neither chemical additives nor electricity. So you can also get naturally regenerated water directly from your tap.

So that you can also enjoy this delicious water when you are on the road, we also supply you with stainless steel drinking bottles and filter sticks.

Get your Extraforce.

Experience your tap-water anew.

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