Why is drinking water so important?

The water supplies the cells with nutrients, removes waste products, keeps the body temperature and the acid-base balance of the body in balance. It controls all of the many thousands of metabolic reactions that constantly take place in our cells. Only water makes the metabolic reactions possible at all, because the water dissolves the substances, dissolves them and makes them ready for reaction. Our entire metabolism is based on water.

Do I have to drink water?

Lemonades, fruit juices, milk, coffee and tea or beer and wine are no substitute for water – on the contrary. Drinks containing sugar, caffeine and alcohol in particular additionally increase the body’s water requirements. About 1.5 – 2 litres of pure water per day should be the absolute minimum.

Can I really drink tap water?

Water is the most important resource on our planet. In many parts of the world relatively clean drinking water is available from the tap. In large parts of Europe, tap water is regarded as the best controlled type of food. This means that, in principle, you can drink tap water without hesitation.

Sometimes, however, water is polluted on its way from the waterworks, in some countries chlorine is added or in large apartment buildings there are problems with germs such as Legionella. These circumstances are usually known, then it is advisable to filter the water before consumption.

I don't like the taste of tap water, what can I do about it?

The water loses quality on its way into our house and in the many kilometres of pipeline it has to cross. The structure changes, residues are enriched, the taste diminishes and the vitality gained from the water is reduced. The water then often tastes stale and metallic. As it is less easily absorbed by the body, it may also be heavy in the stomach. But that’s exactly why you can use our products to make your tap water digestible and tasty again. And if your water is actually contaminated, just install a filter.

Is lime in water harmful to people?

Lime is a compound consisting mainly of the minerals calcium and magnesium. The minerals are not harmful to humans. However, they occur in “calcified” water in large structures, so-called clusters. With the help of our lime converters, the large structures are crushed, the important minerals remain in the water and can be reabsorbed by the body. And by the way, the taste of beverages such as tea or coffee improves.

Why should I avoid buying bottled water?

The drinking water industry makes huge profits with something that is freely available in large parts of the world. In addition, the environment is polluted by millions of plastic bottles. We have summarized some interesting facts about the drinking water industry.

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