The drinking water industry is paradoxical. It generates billions in sales with something that should be freely accessible to everyone in the world. Instead, it makes drinking water its own, in the worst case packing it in plastic and then selling it profitably. It is well known that tap water, at least in the industrial nations, is perfectly controlled, always drinkable and very cheap. Often, tap water is simply bottled and then resold. So there is no reason to drink water bought at home.

10 interesting facts about the drinking water industry:

  1. For the production of a single water bottle, about three times as much water is used as later ends up in the bottle.
  2. In the USA, sales of water in 2017 were higher than those of soft drinks such as cola and CO for the first time.
  3. The consumption of bottled water increases by a further 10 percent every year. The figures in Europe are growing the slowest – in North America, on the other hand, more and more water bottles are being consumed every year.
  4. With the energy needed to produce all the bottled water, more than 190,000 homes could be supplied with electricity.
  5. The Food & Water Watch website reports that more than half of the bottled water comes from taps.
  6. Bottled water is neither healthier nor cleaner than tap water. On the contrary, 22% of all tested bottled water contained chemicals. In at least one of the tested waters they even found a harmful chemical that was above the risk-free limit.
  7. With the amount of crude oil needed to produce all plastic bottles in a year, one could fill up 1 million cars.
  8. Only every fifth bottle of water is recycled, all others end up on the garbage, in nature and in our oceans.
  9. It takes 450 (!) years to completely decompose a commercial plastic bottle in the garbage.
  10. In 2014, the water bottle industry had a turnover of 13 billion US dollars. To supply all mankind with clean drinking water would cost about 10 billion US dollars.
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