Enjoy tap water again.

No plastic, no chemicals, no electricity.

Spring-fresh water from your tap.

Our goal – everyone should get vital and fine water directly from his or her tap at home. Nobody has to carry bottles and buy overpriced water.

Transform normal tap water into the finest drinking water.
With the FLOWLIFE system components.

The Power-Magnet.

From the pioneer of magnetic
Lime transformation. Dissolves lime structures
with the power of nature.

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Mineralization is retained.

Lime adhesion is dissolved.

No lime stains.

The strong magnet breaks up the crystalline structure of calcium and magnesium in water and transforms lime into fine flakes. The flakes no longer adhere to surfaces, so the pipes remain free of deposits and bacteria. Existing lime and rust layers in the pipelines will be removed. No chemicals, salts or electricity are required – your water remains unpolluted.

Patented extra strong magnets.

Established for over 30 years.

Maintenance-free and efficient.

The magnet systems are manufactured by the market leader in Switzerland and individually tested for effectiveness and function. These supermagnets were specially developed for the dissolution of lime in tap water. You can easily install the systems yourself on your water pipe.

The filter for maximum safety.

Removes harmful substances, bacteria and
impurities. Clean, crystal clear
Water from our own water pipe.

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Optimizes water quality even with polluted tap water.

Safe and pure drinking water for a better well-being.

Enjoy tap water carefree.

The filter reliably removes chlorine, pesticides, germs, legionella, medication, PFC, nano and microplastics. Bad aftertaste and odours are neutralised in tap water. The water is freed from pollutants in a natural way, while valuable minerals are preserved.

Microfine filter with state-of-the-art technology.

Optimum purification of harmful substances thanks to knitted activated carbon.

High performance with minimal pressure loss.

Simple installation under the sink or fixed installation in the inlet water pipe. Filters in suitable sizes for every need. Practical change of the filter medium by simple exchange of the filter system. All exchanged systems are cleaned, refilled and reused – so you directly protect the environment.

The Highspeed Whirler.

Enriches water measurably with energy and
Oxygen. Improves reception
of water in the body.

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Your water tastes lighter and is much more digestible.

Revitalisation of the water following nature’s example.

Promotes detoxification and metabolism.

Increases the fluidity and solubility of water. The body is better able to absorb water and is better supplied with nutrients. The water is perceived as softer and cooler due to the enrichment with oxygen and loses its metallic taste. It’ll make drinking a lot easier. In addition, you save money and conserve nature because you never have to buy bottled water again.

State-of-the-art vortex technology in excellent design.

Precision construction made of high-quality stainless steel.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean.

The water flows through the vortex chamber at high speed. Air is sucked in through 19 openings around the water outlet. The oxygen is immersed in the water. The resulting vortices rearrange the water molecules and revitalize the water – just as it happens in nature in streams and rivers. You can simply screw the whirler to your faucet.

The Refiner.

Sets water in its
natural state. Spring-fresh
Water in the whole house.


Revitalizes and harmonizes tap water.

Improves the taste and helps to render germs harmless.

Invigorates and vitalizes your water and yourself.

Your water tastes softer and is more digestible. The solubility of the water is increased, thus saving you water and money, as you need less cleaning and washing agents. Household appliances calcify less. And you promote your health, because you always like to drink this tasty water, you clean your body with it and it provides permanent purification. Experience your higher vitality and performance.

5 Principles of action for water refinement.

The replica of a stream in compact size.

Multi-effect for a near-natural experience.

Regenerates water according to the model of nature. The water is whirled and naturally structured. The home source system works completely environmentally friendly, without chemicals, wearing parts or consumables and is correspondingly durable. It does not need to be cleaned or specially maintained. This house source system supplies entire buildings with fresh spring water for decades.

The Filter-Stick.

Binchotan Activated Carbon-Stick for
direct cleaning of the water.

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Binchotan activated carbon cleans your water wherever you are.

Improves water quality in a short time.

Optimum water treatment for on the move.

Just put the filter stick in your water. You will notice how the taste and digestibility of the water improves. Chlorine taste is completely removed. Optimal in combination with swirled water. You’ll never want to drink anything else again.

The traditional method.

Centuries-old Japanese method for water purification.

Binds pollutants, flavourings and odours.

Binchotan activated carbon is produced according to an ancient traditional process. It is so fine-pored that substances such as odours and flavours, chlorine and ozone, microscopic pollutants such as pesticides and endocrine disruptors are removed from the water and bound. The water is remineralised and the pH value is balanced.

Take your best
water with you.

Sustainable Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles
for maximum mobility.


Safe & clean storage.

Many colours and sizes.

Stable, safe & sustainable water bottles.

Our stainless steel bottles are not only a great eye-catcher, but are also an ideal container for your water. Stainless steel is absolutely tasteless and odourless. You can take your swirled water with you anywhere. This not only increases your well-being, but also protects the environment.

Pure stainless steel.

Double-walled without plastic core.

Robust and food safe.

Stainless steel is free of BPA and other harmful substances, it has an antibacterial effect and, unlike plastic or aluminium, does not release any components into the water. All bottles are of course dishwasher washable. Due to the double-walled construction, the bottle has an additional thermos function. Stainless steel is robust and recyclable.

Living the Extraforce.

Drinking water awakens unexpected powers in you.

Naturally regenerated water.

Clean your body and increase your vitality.

Pure water – the most effective source of energy in the world.

You don’t need an energy drink or litres of coffee to be active, concentrated and persistent. Drink enough water and you will notice how your body draws energy and your metabolism works better, toxins and pollutants are better eliminated and cell regeneration is always running at full speed.
Every organ and every cell in your body needs water. If you always supply your body with sufficient water, all vital processes will work better and your whole system will remain efficient and healthy even during high activity and into old age. This has been proven in countless studies and every doctor will recommend you first of all to always drink enough.

You don’t have to buy special water for this – it is sufficient to regenerate the drinking water from your water pipe in a natural way so that your body can absorb it as nature intended. And as the water becomes tasty, soft and digestible due to its natural structure, it is also easy for you to take your recommended amount of water per day.
Fresh spring water from your drinking water pipe saves money, is sustainable and gives you extraordinary powers.

More freshness for less money.

Experience fresh spring water with FLOWLIFE Bundles and save money at the same time.

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